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Management Trainee

I had a great experience of learning German lessons with Ma'am. She is very professional in her teaching style and has a great knowledge. Her teaching methods are excellent to learn the subject more easily. She was very helpful and friendly, and patient with my basic, beginner-level German. I also learned some very useful grammatical tips which really worked out to excel good scores as well and I feel confident in this language now. Overall I enjoyed every session with her and I would highly recommend anyone to have the amazing German sessions with Ma'am.



Hello.. I am Dr. Sucheta. In 2014, I aspired to go to Germany for my further studies in medicine (Neurology), so I started learning the German language from A1 with Seema madam.. n it was definitely a very good decision... Mam is so patient, caring and kind... with passion for teaching and with her friendliness has the ability to build caring relationships with her students. I would definitely recommend Seema madam..


Senior Software Testing Engineer

It's fun learning German with Seema mam as she creates a very friendly environment for learning. Even if German is a foreign language she makes it very easy to learn with her interactive classes and keeps us involved. I had a very good experience.


Senior Software Testing Engineer

This review is for Seema Mam. She's an expert in German. I have completed B1 and B2 levels in german with her guidance. Its because of her I could improve my german vocabulary. She explains the lessons with examples in English as well as German. She uses interesting ways to teach the language. I assure you that learning german would be an easy task with her help.


Senior Software Testing Engineer

I had a pleasure studying German Language (Level A1 and A2) with Seema Ma'am. She has her own unique way of teaching the language which entirely is dedicated to the understanding of the students. I definitely had fun and learning experience with my fellow group of students in 2013-2014 which I would always appreciate. Many thanks to Seema Ma'am for the opportunity!


German Resource

You are most amazing teacher, I ever met or take classes in my 20 year learning experience. Your way of explaining points and clear our doubts is superb. Because of your guidance, I was able to get job in IBM as a German resource. Not but least, thank you so much for your guidance mam.


Senior Executive

Namaste!!! I was a student in Pune from Turkmenistan. My name is Olga. It was my childhood dream to learn German language. Seema ma'am is the best guide to reach my dream. She guided me and still guides me to reach my goal. Her teaching way is so simple and easy to understand. Once you attend her class I am sure you won't wish to leave it. Her teaching way is full of fun which makes you to wish and to try your best to learn German language. She is the reason of increasing my love to German language. Thank you so much ,Seema ma'am, for wonderful classes and efforts!!!



Seema Ma’am is a wonderful teacher. Her expertise in teaching has made German much easier. She makes the classes really fun. Would happily recommend her :)


Senior Executive

Hello everyone. I was international student in Pune from Turkmenistan. My name is Guljeren. When I was student in my free times I wanted to get the German language classes. With advice of my best friend I started my German classes with Sima mam. She managed to explain German grammar in a simple way that I can understand well and learn quickly. She gave a lot of efforts for students to make them understand the language in a simple way. I’m happy that she was my German teacher I had I great time in our classes. Due to her I love German language and I can speak in it fluently. Thank you Sima mam for your efforts



My experience with Seema ma'am has been way more than content She helped me with fundamentals right from the beginning. Whenever I chose multiple sources just to confuse myself, she guided me in the right way. My real time experience with conversing in German in Germany has really been fruitful. I believe this was possible because of the trust a student has in the teaching method of his/her teacher.


Tata Technologies JLR

The best thing about Seema ma'am is she evaluates each student individually and teaches him/her accordingly. She is very friendly natured person and makes the whole learning process a joyful experience. She encourages you to communicate in German beyond classroom rather than just preparing you for the test. By the time you finish the course, you stop translating & start thinking & speaking in German at the same time.



Seema mam is a great German language teacher, hands down. She did not just teach me the language but also guided and explained to me how the German language can be helpful in my carrier and also told me the carrier options along with examples of her past students. She's a very cool and calm teacher. She's so well versed with it that if you're finding a particular paragraph or sentence she'll tell you the exact chapter or page where it is without even looking at the book. I've just completed my A1 level with her, looking forward to learning more.


Senior Software Testing Engineer

I have very fond memories of learning german with Seema ma’am. She made learning german easy and her tricks of memorizing the german words always helps now as well. Beyond that she always shares a bond with each of her student and treats them like a family. I personally have shared my problems with her many a times and she always have listened them and guided me to find a solution. Her warm nature, positive attitude has always been an inspiration to me


Simulation Engineer - ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Hello, I'm Omkar! I had the opportunity to learn German language from Mrs. Seema Bhogte in the year 2015. I, along with a friend, attended her tuitions for level A1 and A2. It was an enriching experience to learn from Seema ma'am, as she's very well versed in the language. The session timings were flexible which was quite helpful and convenient. Ma'am is a very joyful person and hence the learning was fun and delightful. I'm very grateful to her for teaching me the foreign language which has helped me in my career post my engineering studies.



One on one sessions have always brought the best out of me and so has Seema Ma'am. The ease and comfort she offers while teaching has made my learning experience far more enjoyable than any other. And what can a student need more than a reliable and sweet teacher, who is thorough with her own knowledge?



It was the best class to learn German in a friendly environment. Mrs Seema Bhogate, one of the best teacher in my education life. She has very good knowledge and teaching skills. It's one on one class and sometimes also cohesion with other students no matter what their age and profession is, thus I had a great learning experience and communication improvement. I highly recommend joining this class to fulfill your Germany dreams.



Hello, I am Pratiksha. I learned German from Seema ma'am for two years. It was an amazing experience to learn German especially from her. She has always been a very friendly teacher to me. There were times when it used to become hard for me to understand certain concepts but she was always there to clear my doubts whenever needed. She always said " Just text me or call me if you have a doubt that has to be cleared" .And it was never only about the studies I've learned a lot of different things from her too. She has always been very supportive to me and to the decisions I took. And I thank her for every little thing she taught me in those 2 years from german to life lessons. Everything. And will always remember it. Thankful to get a guru like her.



It was very interesting to learn german from maam. In class it was not just about studying german we also use to talk about several topics. Seema maam is very cool and is a friendly teacher. When I was not clear or confused with some topics then she used to help me. I thank her for all the support she has given me


SAP consultant Infosys

Vielen dank, dass sie mein lehrer fur die deutsche sparche sind. Es war eine groBartigeerfarhrung beim lernen. Sie haben mich immer ermutigt, viele dinge zu erforschen. Ein wunderbarer kurs, der sowohl personlich als auch beruflich gelernt wurde.



The instructor was excellent. She was extremely knowledgeable, willing to help any student at anytime, with any questions. Mam has a passion for her students to succeed in and beyond the classroom. She is extremely knowledgeable and was an outstanding instructor for Access Advanced



Miss, you are the best German teacher.



Good evening Mam, I would like to really thank you for making a difference in my child's behaviour for German. He would have given up if you hadn't intervened. He is loving German now. Your stress- free class environment is commendable.



Ma'am is one of the best German teacher I've learned from. I enjoyed a lot learning German from ma'am. I have also scored good marks in my units, mid term and final exams only because ma'am taught me soo well that I couldn't forget anything.



Learning experience with you was total fun. From learning German in a very easy and interesting way to discussing various topics, all lectures were fascinating!



Miss is very nice. She understands us and helps us. She makes studying fun. maam is the only reason for me continuing german. Thanks miss for teaching us.



It was a very unique experience to learn from Seema mam. It was not only about learning the language but also about understanding the process. She creates a very positive atmosphere in the class which inspires everyone around. She is very clear on her terms and makes it simple for her students.